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The information contained herein is nothing more than a letter to my immediate family (see Proverbs 13:22). None of this information has been scientifically or medically evaluated or documented and mustn't be viewed as diagnostic, prescriptive, curative or even therapeutic; rather as gossip, rumors, myths, provided to educate my daughters. My family’s experiences and methods may not be similar to others' and cannot be regarded as a model or protocol. No one can claim, promise, guarantee, predict or even compare results. Or Any individual choosing this information for self-care accepts all results or lack thereof with forethought. If copies are made to educate others, be sure this is included!

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Tea Time!

Bojemi Tea

"Your mom, Aunt Boo, and I have been drinking it since 1996 so I know that you've heard me go on and on about it. The Chinese pronounce it BOW(rhymes with cow)-JENN-MAY but in the deep south they’ve called it bo-jimmie and bo-jiminy and what does it matter, as long as you drink it!? Keep this letter in your "toolbox" (for whatever it's worth). I won't be insulted if you choose to ignore it, but I can save my breath later by reminding you to refer back to the information & education herein.

I've heard stories about people trying it for so many different things! I don't know what, if any, proof or scientific data exists but my own results lead me to make it my First Choice for virtually every-little-thing that comes up and overall wellness. Our family, my friends and clients will continue to be in unanimous agreement!"

tea time Tea Time
You can download and read this letter with this link and then please donate. Thanks!

.99 each.

BOJENMI TEA: We can happily supply you with tea, if you can not find it in your local area.
$9.00 per box, includes shipping and handling.
Continental US only. No international orders. Alaska and Hawaii please contact for shipping estimate prior to ordering.

Tea ingredient list:

CRATAIGUS.PINNATIFIDA: Chinese Haw: stomach, antibacterial
FRUCTUS HORDEL GERMINATUS: germinated barley: spleen, stomach
PORIA COCOS: wolff: diuretic, anti-inflammatory
RHIZOMA ALISMATIS: water plantain tuber: kidney (sic)
MASSA MEDICATA FERMENTATA: promotes digestion, strengthens stomach
PHARBITIS: morning glory: laxative
PHASEOLUS ANGULARIS: adzuki bean: carbohydrate blocker
RAPHANUS SATIVUS: radish: liver, stomach, laxative, arthritis, gall bladder
PRUNELLA (sic) VULGARIS: selfheal, heal-all, heart-of-the-earth: antibiotic, diabetes
CASSIA TORA: flatulence, nausea
POGOSTEMON CABLIN: patchouli: headache, cold, nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain
WHITE TEA: uncured, unoxidized: cleansing


RESULTS  will vary, depending upon all of the above factors and more.  There are no guarantees or promises of any particular results during any specific period of time.  Reflexology is only one personal choice from many tools available for self-care.

Before beginning any new diet, exercise, or self-care program, it is recommended you consult your personal healthcare practitioner.