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If DOING EARS helps at all, the effects are typically cumulative and progressive, indicating your body knows how to correct the problem and heal itself.


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A WELLNESS TOOLBOX: TheGami’s Introduction... Where did this come from?

Ears 2 R Health is a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness.
The scope and duration of the program is ultimately a choice made by the client, not by the therapist or consultant (except by right of refusal; see Waiver). We exist to help you develop your own personal Toolbox filled with ways to live, cope, and succeed in your life with higher quality and satisfaction, addressing body, mind and spirit to allow participants to experience complete and permanent recovery. We will heed all client requests for assistance in this recovery process, and offer such assistance to the best of our collective abilities.

Wellness is an adventure, and mine began in 1993 when my youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. Through personal study, I discovered that all of her emotional and physical symptoms could be corrected without medications. When I was diagnosed with cancer in 1997 I was introduced to (and later mentored in) Traditional Chinese Medicine and recovered without drugs, radiation, or surgery. I continued to study these (as a casual but fascinated student) and other ancient philosophies and natural alternatives. I receiving a certification (NADA) in drug and alcohol treatment in 1998 and a degree in ministry in 2001.

A close family friend struggled with obesity and in 1999, together we began exploring ways to utilize the things I’d been learning and ways to apply these skills to her particular struggle. She lost nearly 150 lbs in less than two years, maintaining her new size for more than five years (and counting).

Since then, I’ve watched this program evolve, and have been humbled and blessed to help my clients take greater control of their own health and wellness on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Each individual has participated at his or her own pace, addressing their own issues, with no rules or requirements to change their diet, exercise, or lifestyle choices.

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Ears 2 R Health Alternative Healthstyles™ is a program based on principles of wisdom that have spanned many cultures and countless generations but which don’t always support or agree with western schools of thought regarding health and illness. According to western or allopathic viewpoint, the body is a machine and the doctor is the mechanic, but may fall short if nothing is actually broken. Most clinics don’t make money until and unless they can identify something to keep you coming back. They use drugs and/or surgery as an attempt to eradicate symptoms but in too many unfortunate cases these methods (the medical model) eradicate future health with damaging effects on our internal organs.

In cultures which recognize the influence of the Tao (pronounced DOW and means “the way it works”), the body is viewed as a garden which must be nurtured to its optimal state and cannot be forced. These cultures focus on prevention and maintenance rather than waiting for crisis, viewing the internal organs as the root of emotion, and emotions as the root of disease. When the root is nurtured, the fruit is healthy. It is so much easier to maintain health than to fight illness, and these ideals enable each individual to self-treat rather than rely on a “professional” for the maintenance of their own health and wellness.

The body exhibits imbalance and disharmony in many ways. Ears 2 R Health Reflexologists are trained to observe various simple indicators and consult with clients to help determine which organs are involved, and subsequently may assist the client in identifying emotional and physical factors while exploring ways each individual can take control of their own healthstyle. Clients can choose from a variety of tools and levels of participation and education. This program meets everyone right where they’re at and everyone chooses their own rate of progress and/or duration of participation.

Contact EARS 2 R HEALTH for a complimentary preview.

RESULTS  will vary, depending upon all of the above factors and more.  There are no guarantees or promises of any particular results during any specific period of time.  Reflexology is only one personal choice from many tools available for self-care.

Before beginning any new diet, exercise, or self-care program, it is recommended you consult your personal healthcare practitioner.