Blood Cell Anylsis

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If DOING EARS helps at all, the effects are typically cumulative and progressive, indicating your body knows how to correct the problem and heal itself.


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EARS 2 R HEALTH Alternative Healthstyles™

An added bonus during many of our Nutritional Microscopy sessions.


EARS 2 R HEALTH Alternative Healthstyles™ utilizes principles gathered from ancient and modern texts, authors, and resources. Blood Cell Analysis in one of those. Theresa Sharp is a microscopist trained by Dr. Robert Young and has 9 years experience. More about Theresa and Microscopy

See Theresa on November 11 and 12th, for EDUCATIONAL & NUTRITIONAL MICROSCOPY: Blood Cell Analysis
She will be available at Gentle Chiro, by appointment.
Times: 8am-10pm.

Location: 9370 SW Greenburg Rd., Suite N in Tigard 97223

Call Gentle Chiro at or DoingEars for pricing and scheduling.

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2. Then call Kate at 503-421-1227 to schedule your time
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Blood Cell analysis: $140 for a new client
$90 for a returning client.

SPECIAL: [additional] Dry Blood Analysis, normally $70, is offered this
"One-Time ONLY" at $50"**

Pay $50, non-refundable Deposit, link below, to hold your appointment.
Balance in cash due at time of appointment:

Please call Kate at 503-421-1227 for information, appointment times and addresses.

For detailed information about the analysis, Contact: Theresa Sharp. 949-322-1144. email

DISCLAIMER: RESULTS  will vary, depending upon all of the above factors and more.  There are no guarantees or promises of any particular results during any specific period of time.  Reflexology is only one personal choice from many tools available for self-care.

Before beginning any new diet, exercise, or self-care program, it is recommended you consult your personal healthcare practitioner.